Q Swim app

To go faster, swimmers need to minimise their drag forces whilst maximising power generation. The Q Swim app helps you assess, track and address body position out of the pool in order to improve performance in the pool.

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There are no hot packs or ultrasound machines to be found in this practice. Our physio sessions are built around the individual.

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Yoga is a practice for your mind and body. Most people come to yoga to improve their flexibility but in the process they uncover much more.

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The Health Collab specialises in assessment and treatment of swimming athletes of all ages and skill levels.

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Knee pain? What is OSD?

Osgood-Schlatter’s disease (OSD) is a common injury affecting 1 in 10 people aged 9-15.  It is commonly seen in active adolescents, especially jumping athletes. It is known as a growth plate injury of the top of the shin bone (tibial tuberosity) which may be vulnerable to repetitive and high stress

Heel pain in the young athlete

Sever’s disease is the most common cause of heel pain in the adolescent. It affect boys more than girls and generally presents between the age of 8-12, although around 10-11 is the most common age. It will go away by itself, but often can be present for a long time.

Are you doing yoga or making shapes?

I love the simplicity of this quote. Its relevance extends well past yoga to any movement practice we may enjoy. Are you being mindful? Are you aware and present in what you are currently doing? Note that above, I used the phrase ‘movement practice’ rather than ‘exercise’.  Too often our