brisbane physiotherapist

Brisbane Physiotherapist

The Health Collab Physiotherapy team is committed to providing the highest quality of care in the Brisbane area.

High quality care means to us that we are providing cost-effective, patient-centred treatment that is the best evidence-based practice possible. Our Physiotherapists are highly trained, all having post-graduate level qualifications. Additionally, they frequently participate in ongoing professional development courses to stay at the top of their game with the latest evidence in managing musculoskeletal conditions. Whilst our Physiotherapists are often attending education opportunities in Brisbane City, they have also attended international courses to train with the best in the world.

You can be assured that this wealth of knowledge will be shared with you, so that with every appointment you can become and expert in your own body.

The practical application of evidence-based practice means that you will not find any hot packs or ultrasound machines here. Long gone are the days where your Physiotherapist should be applying a TENS machine and leaving you in a room for 30mins while they see other patients. Our 1-hour initial appointments allow the necessary time to talk through your issue, complete a thorough assessment and develop an individualised treatment plan based on your specific assessment findings and goals.

Our evidence-based treatment philosophies generally lead to the prescription of exercise as a long-term solution to injury, with the use of manual therapy such as massage, mobilisation, dry needling and taping used as short-term options for effective pain relief. Education is also a key to our client’s success, including self-treatment techniques and prevention strategies which put the control back into your hands.

Our practice has a range of high-tech assessment and management tools to keep the guess work out of your improvements and assist you in your rehabilitation success. These include the use of VALD Forcedecks to measure strength and jump performance, access to advanced rehabilitation technology such as blood flow restriction cuffs, and prescription of exercise programs through online applications such as VALD Telehab so that you never have to just remember your exercises again!

If you need a little help with motivation and consistency, especially if you have to balance a busy work schedule, we have group exercise classes that you can attend on your way in or out of the Brisbane CBD. Classes range in design, with most classes running as supervised sessions where you are completing a individualised program designed for you by your Physiotherapist. However, we also have classes for specific needs such as strength for surfing, addressing patellofemoral joint pain and running specific strengthening. All of our Physiotherapist have a background in Strength and Conditioning Coaching, so you can be assured you are being trained in the best way for your injury, but also your performance.

Each of our team has a specialty and are leaders in their fields making them the best choice in Brisbane City. These include swimming related injuries and performance, running related injuries, technique and strengthening, and court/field sports injury, injury prevention and safe return to sport. Our location reflects our specialties, being situated in the same complex as Centenary Pool, along the path of the Brisbane CBD running tracks and a stones throw away from sports training centres such as Downey Park, Victoria Sports fields.

Valued amongst our community is our strong communication network with other health professionals within Brisbane City and beyond. Not only do we have a high performing network of doctors, specialists, allied health professionals, and remedial massage therapist that we can refer you to, we can also communicate with your specific health care team to make sure that you have a team that is working together for you.  

If you like what you hear and need individualised, high quality, evidence-based Physiotherapy care we look forward to meeting you at our Spring Hill clinic.