I need you to answer this honestly.
Do you think you could you ever be happy with the reflection in the mirror?
What would need to change in order to be happy?
As you read this, even before the words tumble out of your mouth the mind usually starts flooding forth answers … lose weight around my waist, tone up my arms, lose the wrinkles, get a nose job etc. etc.
Most of us take the journey down this destructive rabbit hole each day.

Now, think of the truly happy people in your life.
Are they the best looking?
Why then, do we pin so much of our happiness on our looks?
It just doesn’t make any sense.

We have been indoctrinated to feel uncomfortable in our own skin.  There is SO much manufactured noise out there deliberately misguiding and misinforming us.
As much as we would like to see the noise stop (you can consider this an open letter to the mentioned industries) I don’t see big business (fast food, pharmaceutical, grocery stores) and those that subsist off them (advertising, government and medical) calling a halt to the tactic anytime soon.  After all, the tactic is working. Business is good. Investors are happy.

We have to take control of your own destiny.
What is needed is real, sustainable change for individuals on a mass scale.
Not prescribed, superficial change as seen on magazine covers dolled out for the masses.
Spot the difference?
Real change starts with changing our perception of us.

How we see ourselves in the world directly and immediately impacts on our physiology and psychology. If we think negatively about our life then invariably we will have an unhappy life.  Similarly, if we compare ourselves with photo shopped celebrities then we are in for a rough journey.
We have an entire life to live in these bodies – being grateful and embracing our imperfections is the key to creating lasting happiness.

I am so lucky to have travelled extensively and met people from all around the world; people of all shapes and sizes, people of different beliefs and life experiences. The happiest and most content people I know are those who are the most grateful and those who appreciate that the most human of qualities is to be imperfect.

Here is how to get a little more of the good stuff in your life today:

  1. Practice gratitude daily
  • Whether it is journaling (or blogging), telling a loved one or simply pausing for a minute and reflecting on something that happened in your day for which you were grateful. Do this for a week and watch your world become a better place.
  1. Reject the negative talk
  • Make a pact with yourself and friends. The moment you start negative body talk – be the one to stop. Be brave and call it.  Shift the focus to more interesting/fulfilling topics.
  1. Embrace an imperfection
  • Locate one of your previously perceived ‘trouble spots’ and spend a moment speaking to yourself as if you were encouraging your best friend through the same issue.  Notice how the tone of the conversation is different.  Be your best friend instead of your most cynical critic.
  1. Focus on the positives
  • Finally, find a body part you love and offer some gratitude. Say thank-you to a much-loved part of your body and in doing so shift the focus away from the negative.  We create our reality by what we focus on so take care with your thoughts!