Heel pain in the young athlete

Sever’s disease is the most common cause of heel pain in the adolescent. It affect boys more than girls and generally presents between the age of 8-12, although around 10-11 is the most common age. It will go away by itself, but often can be present for a long time.

Walking 101

As a physiotherapist, everyday I teach people how to walk. I don’t work in stroke rehab but rather with a healthy, functional group of clients otherwise unaware of how best to put one foot in front of the other. I see people of all shapes and sizes, ages, fitness levels

Get real. Not perfect.

I need you to answer this honestly. Do you think you could you ever be happy with the reflection in the mirror? What would need to change in order to be happy? As you read this, even before the words tumble out of your mouth the mind usually starts flooding

Finding Neutral.

Our parents and teachers drilled it into us throughout our adolescence; sit up straight, stand up straight. We heard it over and over and oh how annoying it was! (Ps. thanks for persisting Mum and Dad) With this unrelenting ‘encouragement’ offensive it is understandable that we now associate good posture