I love the simplicity of this quote.
Its relevance extends well past yoga to any movement practice we may enjoy.
Are you being mindful?
Are you aware and present in what you are currently doing?

Note that above, I used the phrase ‘movement practice’ rather than ‘exercise’.  Too often our focus is on exercising, and exercising in our culture is synonymous with pushing harder, lifting more or running faster.  This is an important component of a healthy overall approach, but, we need to realise that for most of us, our entire lives are geared that way.  Whether it is rushing to get the groceries done, staying up late to get an assignment finished, or squeezing in a catch up with friends when you really feel like you need a rest.  Your system needs a chance to rest, recover and repair – not more of the same go, go, go!
Any form of movement can instantly become more beneficial simply by becoming present and aware of the process.  Slow down and take note of of your breath when you next go for a walk or listen to the sound of your feet hitting the ground.  I firmly believe that one of the most beneficial aspects of yoga is the simple act of developing body awareness through movement.  Add in a dose of breath awareness and spending a little time slowing down and you have the perfect elements for growth and healing.
Often we should choose to ‘work in’ instead of ‘working out’.  Practices like a gentle yoga class, meditation, a casual stroll along the river or a body surf in the ocean are often what our body is truly craving.
Reasons you might consider exercising:

  • Increase strength
  • Build muscle
  • Loose weight
  • Have fun
  • Clear your head
  • Improve mobility
  • Recover
  • Relax
  • How does your schedule reflect your needs? How much time have you scheduled for fun and recovery? Consistently working hard without having enough time dedicated to rest, recovery and fun is ill conceived.
    Prioritise some time to recover and your body will thank you!